The New Life Church Community Centre Trust (IT2834/10) has been raised to embody the mission and values of New Life Church Bryanston. Our vision as a church is: “Inspiring everyone to love God, love people and impact their world for Christ.”

The New Life Community Centre Trust (IT2834/10) has been established with a strong focus on building ten reproducible Community Centres through planting Churches in disadvantaged communities that feed, educate & nurture all the willing community members of all ages. Presently we have three Centres in Cosmo, Diepsloot and Alexandra and through these three Communities we look for sustainable and transformational projects, actively exerting a participative presence in the communities we represent as New Life Church.

We are currently providing young children with a daily meal through a feeding process established at New Life Community Church in Diepsloot.  Through this scheme we have provided employment for five previously unemployed individuals and single mothers, thus uplifting the lives of all involved.

New Life Church plans outreaches into Cosmo, Diepsloot and Alexandra three times a year and serve to assist families in need such as child headed households and the unemployed.

In establishing our ongoing vision, a project must have an impact, must empower and must make a difference in peoples’ lives as we extend our reach to the building of ten reproducible Community Centres and Churches in other economically vulnerable areas.